I’m Coming Back!

For those of you who remember when I had this website up under a different URL, welcome back! My old site with all the articles and guest posts was taken down about a year ago after I could no longer afford to pay for the domain and all the services that go along with it.

In the last year I’ve spent most of my time building my TudorsDynasty.com website and podcast, but don’t think I’ve forgotten about you. I still manage the Plantagenets Dynasty Facebook page along with my friend Heidi who has been such a blessing to post fresh content from her own website and from around the web.

Soon I will be re-uploading all the old articles that used to be on the old site. If you are a subscriber to this page I apologize because you are likely to get an influx of emails about new posts.

I am obsessed with the Tudors but I’m fascinated by the Plantagenets. They reigned for centuries and have equally fascinating stories that deserve to be told. Because most of my time is spent maintaining my other site I want to invite anyone who is interested in writing a guest article to send me an email: englishhistoryblogger@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to look over any submissions

Thank you so much for your continued support and see you soon!!

Rebecca Larson

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